Human Interment

Choosing a final resting place can be difficult. If you choose to be cremated, your final resting place can be near that of your beloved pet. If you would like further information please contact the Pines office.



There are certain requirements that must be met to be considered for human and pet interment. Please read the Pines human interment policy below. It is suggested to all clients who wish to be interred at the Pines, that a family member, attorney, or funeral director should be made aware of these decisions. It will be up to these people to carry out the persons wishes. All related paperwork for the pet's interment and a statement from the pet owner should be kept in a safe location, and the family or attorney should be informed of this location.

Policy For The Interment of Human Remains

  1. Only cremated remains may be interred.
  2. Client must have a pet interred in the private market and deeded portion of the property.
  3. In the event that pre-need arrangements have been made for a pet and the client preceded the pet in death, the interment of the human may not take place until such time as the pet has been interred and all fees paid in full.
  4. Cremated remains must be interred in a non biodegradable container.
  5. A certificate of cremation must accompany the cremated remains, and will be filed with other cemetery records related to the interment.
  6. All interment cost must be paid in full prior to interment. This will include Permanent Care on a lot for which no Permanent Care was required when a petwas interred. (Prior to 1979)
  7. No more than two interments of Human cremated remains may be placed in a plot with the pet. In the event a seperate plot is used, 3 cremation interments may be made in the plot.

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