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Pines Pet Cemetery was opened in 1966 by Henry Biederman, who operated a strawberry farm on the site and would bury his pets and the pets of family and friends on the grounds. In 1978, Jean and Tom Lawton (aunt and uncle of the current owner Shannon Wood), purchased the business and had the land deeded as a cemetery, meaning it could never revert to any other use. Wood purchased the cemetery from her relatives in 1997 and has been the owner ever since.



The 35-acre cemetery is a resting place for more than 30,000 pets, from cats and dogs to horses, Wood said. Approximately 300 people are also buried next to their pets in the cemetery, too. “We’re on call 24/7, always ready to help,” Wood said. A walk through the peaceful grounds show the love many owners still feel for their cherished companions. Ornate gravestones carry pictures and loving messages of pets who have passed on. “People like to come here as a park because it’s very relaxing,” Wood said.

Located in scenic Warren County, The Pines is open to the public and welcome to visitors. The grounds are legally restricted to be preserved as a pet cemetery and an endowment has been set aside in an irrevocable trust. Provisions have been made to ensure that the trust adequately provides for all real estate taxes, general maintenance, and preservation of the park now and in the future.

The Pines understands that each family has a unique relationship with their pet. Families are provided the opportunity to make arrangements according to their preferences and financial considerations. We recommend making arrangements in advanced whenever possible. During office hours, our staff is available to answer your questions and to make arrangements.


To provide caring and quality service for grieving pet owners and the pets that have been entrusted in our care.


To educate our clients that it is normal to grieve the loss of a pet, and that dignified final care can help their recovery.

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